Open minded and flexible I will always put your wishes and needs first, while personalising your home

Values and mindset:

Dedicated and caring : you are someone unique, with specific needs and particular expectations.

That’s why, to work efficiently on your project and deliver what you expect from me, I want to understand you, who you are, what you love. I need to immerse myself in your environment: that’s why I always come to you for an initial consultation.


Honest and efficient :  because time saving is important for both of us and  you want to know exactly where your project will bring you: the initial consultation is followed by a global quote. Once you have signed the quote I will immediately start work on your project.

Also, depending on the offer you choose, I will provide you a global report including a design board where you will visualise the room(s) as well as a summary budget statement and personal access to my suppliers at negotiated prices.


Committed  and passionate : I pride myself on delivering quality and uniqueness, which is one of the keys of a well managed home decoration project. As such, I will consistently source what I think is the most suitable products for you (not merely following fashion !....) and will always keeping within your budget.

I’m passionate by my work and I will do my best to help transform your home into the place you imagined it to be.